Yes, Dana DOES read the comment book!

The Dana Medical Library faculty and staff regularly read your comments in the comment book located at the front of the Library, and make their best effort to respond to your suggestions. Recent changes include:

Audio/Visual Rooms have become small group study rooms. Small groups can now use the A/V rooms in the back of the Library. One larger room still contains a slide projector, VHS/DVD player and TV and fits 3-4 people. The other two rooms accommodate 2-3 people each, but have no A/V equipment. All rooms also have a network port, white board, markers and pens. The white boards were added to each room in response to a comment in the book. To use one of these rooms, please check out a key at the circulation desk. During busy times reservations for these rooms may be required.

A coin-operated printer has been added to Dana’s printing options. Patrons no longer need to use Cat$cratch to pay for print jobs; one of the Library printers now accepts cash. The default printing method on all computers in the library, however, is still Cat$cratch, black and white, double-sided. If you wish to pay cash, print in color or print on one side of the paper only, please see a Library staff member for assistance.

Hand sanitizer now available in both men’s and women’s restrooms. In response to patron requests, Dana is now looking out for more than just your health information needs.

Continue to write things in the comment book, and look for a virtual comment book coming soon!

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