Nursing Grand Rounds

Nursing Librarian Angie Chapple-Sokol recently delivered a Nursing Grand Rounds entitled “Dana Medical Library: What’s In It for Nurses?” to an attentive group of Fletcher Allen nurses. The program, geared toward all nurses at FAHC, stressed the important role that information plays in maintaining the highest level of quality in patient care. Angie urged nurses to maintain their senses of curiosity, and to ask the question, “But WHY do we do it this way?” as frequently as possible. She also pointed out that in the age of easy electronic access to evidence-based information it is easier than ever to find the answers nurses seek.

Angie’s lecture covered the wide range of resources available to nurses, highlighting a Web site she created that pulls together Dana Library’s nursing resources for a “one-stop shopping” experience for nurses. This website, entitled FAHC Nursing Resources, can be found through the Dana Medical Library home page under Guides, or directly at Using clinical case scenarios, Angie demonstrated the resources found in this guide.

For more information about nursing resources, contact Angie Chapple-Sokol at 656-9396. To schedule a grand rounds or other library-related instruction session, contact the reference desk at 656-2201.

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