Dana Librarians Celebrate Vermont Libraries

Dana Librarians Shiela Phillippe and Nancy Bianchi both presented posters at the Vermont Library Association’s Annual Vermont Library Conference in a session entitled Celebrating Vermont’s Libraries.

Phillippe_Shiela 220 X 146
Assistant Professor Phillippe

Shiela Phillipe’s poster, entitled UVM Dana Medical Library’s Community Services, covered the many programs Dana initiates to meet the health information needs of the citizens of Vermont. Highlights included VT Go Local, a Dana-maintained Vermont health services online referral site, and Dana’s Health Research Associate program that provides needed health information to local physicians not affiliated with UVM/FAHC’s Academic Health Center.

Nancy @ Ped. Prof. Rounds
Associate Professor Bianchi attending Pediatric Professor Rounds.

Nancy Bianchi’s poster, Liaison Librarian and the Department of Pediatrics: Working Together to Improve the Health Care of Vermont Kids, presented an overview of Professor Bianchi’s work with the Pediatric Department. Specifically it covered her role as an informationist and librarian who attends weekly Pediatric Professor Rounds to answer reference questions raised by the clinical cases presented.

Many other Vermont libraries showcased their programs and services during this presentation, which coincided with the Advocacy Cocktail Reception.

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