World of Mobile Health Information Gets Bigger at Dana

The Dana Medical Library licenses and provides access to a growing list of titles suitable for mobile use. Some resources are “apps,” applications downloaded and installed on a smart phone or other handheld device. Others are simply web-based resources that have been formatted to be used more easily on a handheld device. Apps require no connectivity to the Internet, whereas web-based resources are only accessible through a Web browser and require the device to be online, either through a phone and data plan or wireless connection.

A mix of resource apps and web-based resources licensed by Dana Library for the health sciences community include:

Natural Standard – a database of complementary and alternative therapies
– evidence based summaries of disease topics
– drug and disease information and clinical calculators
Clinical Pharmacology
(UVM users only) – a drug and pharmaceutical database
MDConsult Mobile
includes e-textbooks, e-journal content, patient education and drug information.
– includes e-textbooks, images, the Current series and the popular title called Diagnosaurus.

In addition, the University of Vermont’s library catalog is now available in a mobile version:

For directions on how to download, install or access individual resources, see the Library’s Web page ( or ask for help at one of the information services desks at Dana.

Other popular resources available for free for mobile devices include:

MedlinePlus consumer health information from the National Library of Medicine
ePocrates RX
drug information
rapid calculations of common equations
for handhelds

The online health-information world is increasingly going mobile. In October 2010 there were 250,000 apps for the iPhone, over 30,000 apps for phones running Android, and several thousand for those who have Blackberry devices according to Pew’s Mobile Health 2010 report. (

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