A Successful Dana Medical Library Anniversary Event!

10th Anniversary Reception 2015 001 On July 30th, Dana Medical Library celebrated its 10th Anniversary in the Larner Medical Education Center. The reception was a big success! A steady stream of people, both familiar and new, joined us in looking back at the history of the library, looking forward by predicting what is to come, and eating copious amounts of cake!

10th Anniversary Reception 2015 026Acting Director Donna O’Malley briefly spoke on the changes that have occurred at the library in the last 10 years, some invisible, such as the increasing number of journals and books available online, and some visible, like the decreasing number of print subscriptions. She also spoke of the most visible change: re-purposing library space to make room for the team-based learning Larner Classroom. She thanked Dana employees in regards to these changes and asked the question, “What will happen in the next 10 years?” and inviting guests to make their best guess by writing down on a post-it what they would like to see at Dana in the future.

10th Anniversary Reception 2015 024
Attendees speculated on the future of the library.

The library received many responses to this question. The reception gave Dana faculty and staff the opportunity to share the library’s rich history, and to receive feedback from the UVM and Medical Sciences Community. A sample of responses were: free printing, free coffee, more windows, 24/7 study space, and a fish tank. We take all of these suggestions seriously!

Thank you to all who were able to join us! The true reason for these events is to connect and reconnect with those people we might not see every day. It is a vital part of creating a successful learning and research environment.

For more information on this event, contact Kate Bright at (802) 656-0695.

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