Fall Exhibits Bring Visitors

Epilepsy: The Science Behind the Disease

This fall, the Dana Medical Library presents an exhibit exploring the science behind UVM’s 2015 First Year Summer Reading book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, by Anne Fadiman.

On August 31st, 2012, a young woman named Lia Lee died in Sacramento, California. For 26 of her 32 years, Lia had been in a persistent vegetative state, the result of a severe epileptic seizure suffered at the age of 4. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is the story of Lia’s, and her Hmong family’s, experience with epilepsy and the American health care system, as told by renowned author Anne Fadiman.

Although this exhibit focuses on the scientific and clinical aspects of epilepsy, perhaps the most profound – and painful – lessons that have been learned from Lia’s story were those relating to the delivery of health care across cultures. Since its publication in 1997, Fadiman’s book has been enormously influential in changing how we think about and provide cross-cultural health care in this country.

On November 12th, the Dana Medical Library held a reception to celebrate the exhibit and to honor epilepsy research at UVM. November was also National Epilepsy Awareness month.

This exhibit will be on view until the end of December.

Against the Odds: Making a Difference in Global Health

Oral rehydradion Courtesy ICDDR,B pr (3)
Oral Hydration. Image courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.

From November 16th to December 16th, the Dana Medical Library has the honor of hosting a National Library of Medicine (NLM) exhibition. Taking an in-depth look at the health issues that affect people on a global level, this display of six panels explores what individuals of all professions are doing to improve people’s health. “Communities, in collaboration with scientists, advocates, governments, and international organizations, are taking up the challenge to prevent disease and improve quality of life” (Against the Odds brochure). Stop by and check out this fascinating exhibition.

Global Health at UVM

CNHS in Bangladesh (2)
CNHS students with children in Bangladesh. Photo courtesy of Dr. Hendrika Maltby

In conjunction with the NLM traveling exhibition, the Dana Medical Library has compiled a series of images for its main foyer screen that give a glimpse of global health programs here at UVM.

University of Vermont faculty and students have welcomed the opportunity to go abroad, learn from other medical situations, and bring resources and access to information. Programs in Global Health are helping to improve essential health care, fight deadly outbreaks of disease, and make an impact by teaming up with doctors and nurses in other countries. The programs that have been developed see these immersions as an opportunity for reciprocity in knowledge, culture, and understanding. Some of the places that UVM doctors, students, and professors have been are Uganda, China, Russia, Vietnam, Liberia, India, Tanzania, the Netherlands and many others.

The slide show will run through the end of December.

Global Health Reception and Presentation

On Monday December 7th, the Dana Medical Library and the College of Medicine hosted a Global Health event.

3:30 pm ~ Open House Reception: Against the Odds: Making a Difference in Global Health (brought to you by the National Library of Medicine) and Global Health at UVM

Dana Medical Library, Medical Education Center Concourse

5:30 pm ~ Presentation: The Cost of Sickness and Health in Uganda

Sullivan Classroom, Medical Education Center 200

This presentation will be a first-hand account of human suffering and survival from reporter Mackenzie Rigg and photo-journalist Tyler Sizemore of Hearst Connecticut Media Group.

Questions? Contact Kate Bright at 656-0695 for more information.


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