Elinor Avery of Dana Interlibrary Loan Retires

Elinor Avery, DD/ILL

Elinor Avery, of the Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Department (DD/ILL), retired on June 30, 2016 after 14 years of service for the University of Vermont. Elinor started in DD/ILL in September of 2002, back when Document Delivery had a brisk photocopying business. Elinor’s work focused for many years on Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan lending. She filled requests for photocopies and scans from Dana Library’s collections for Dana patrons as well as for libraries all over the world. Later, Elinor’s position changed to incorporate all aspects of DD/ILL, including filling requests from UVM and Fletcher Allen patrons for materials to be borrowed from other libraries or institutions. Elinor was known for her excellent patron service and superb sleuthing skills, verifying citations and locating hard-to find items, often filling requests in less than 24 hours. Her friendly face greeted patrons at the DD/ILL door.

Faculty Praise for ILL

Many health sciences patrons appreciated her work and high level of customer service. In a survey of Dana ILL users, 87% indicated that being able to borrow materials for patient care, research or academic work was “essential,” with 13% rating it “very important.” Many respondents commented positively on Interlibrary Loan. “Being able to… request articles from the [Interlibrary Loan] service is absolutely critical to the teaching mission,” said one respondent. Another noted, “This [Interlibrary Loan] service is so efficient and reliable, I really depend on it to keep me up to date on related research, etc.” Speed of delivery was also rated as important and commented on by survey respondents. One respondent said, “I have been amazed that many of my ILL requests are filled the same day.”

Active in Campus Service

Ms. Avery was also a valued colleague who often gave time to University Libraries-wide service opportunities. She served on UVM Libraries Staff and Faculty Development Committee and many other working groups focused on improving the patron experience at Dana Medical Library and Bailey/Howe Library. Her positivity, collegiality, and strong commitment to excellence will be missed by all of her coworkers in the Libraries. But her friendship and work ethic will especially be missed by those in Dana Medical Library; we wish her the best of luck on all her future adventures in retirement.

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