Dana Medical Library Introduces New Book Retrieval Process as Collection is Moved Off-Campus

Many changes have occurred this semester at Dana as we prepare for library construction. The biggest change has been the removal of Dana’s book collection, with some exceptions, to off-site storage. Remember that the most current and frequently circulated books will return to the library when construction is completed. The remainder of the books and all journal volumes will stay off-site permanently.

Library staff, resources, and services are all still available to you, but the process of finding and checking out print books from the library has changed. Instead of going to the stacks to find items, borrowers first need to identify desired books in the online catalog. Next, they fill out an online form to request retrieval of the books from an off-site Annex. Library courier services retrieve books from their external locations and bring them to the Dana Library Monday through Friday for pick-up. If requests are filled before 11:30 am, books are guaranteed to be available for pick-up by 4:30 pm that same day.

Books specifically needed for classes in medicine, nursing and health sciences are staying in the library. These include:

  • Books on Reserve for courses (ask for these at the Main Desk)
  • USMLE Board preparation books
  • Radiology textbooks
  • Recent acquisitions
  • Current issues of selected print periodicals
  • Media (DVDs)

Dana’s most current and frequently circulating print collection will come back to the library in May of 2017. Meanwhile, the loan period for books has been extended to 90 days. All websites, electronic journals and databases are available through the Dana website, UVM Medical Center intranet, and COMET as usual.

Main Desk staff have received a positive response from patrons about the process:

“We have filled over 100 requests within the first month. I have spoken with many of these patrons when filling out the form and when receiving their request. The vast majority are … very pleased with how simple the process is and how quickly they are receiving their items.”
– Colin McClung, Dana Main Desk Library Support Generalist

Please stay tuned for updates on this process. For questions or concerns, contact Marianne Burke, Director, at 656-3483.

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