After-Hours Study Opens in Dana Medical Library/ Larner Learning Commons

NewSignJune1_01The After-hours Study area for Larner College of Medicine (LCOM) and College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) students opened the night of November 13th. This new study area includes the LCOM and CNHS quiet study space and the back south end of the library. It is accessible through the library’s back entrance when the library is closed, between the hours of 11 pm and 7:30 am, Sunday thru Thursday, and 8 pm and 7:30 am, Friday and Saturday. Students use their UVM IDs to tap into and out of the space during these times.

This latest opening is the most recent of many changes to Dana Medical Library in its transition to the new Larner Learning Commons (LLC) design. In addition, the office space adjacent to the library was repurposed and renovated to incorporate LCOM Teaching Academy and Technology Services. Other new features at Dana include a re-opened Medical History Room, a flexible furniture classroom, and a student-only study area.

Other recent improvements include:

  • An expanded quiet study area with ID access to LCOM medical and graduate students, and CNHS graduate and undergraduate students. A new large-group study room with wall-mounted monitor and whiteboard.
  • An interior hallway converted to unique study area with private pod seating.
  • An all-new Medical History Room houses the historical materials collection from Vesalius’ anatomy to Dr. William Beaumont’s surgical kit. The room is open one afternoon per week for browsing and study of materials.
  • The Dana Classroom is now furnished with flexible/active learning furniture. Formerly a fixed computer workstation space, it is now a “bring your own device” environment. Laptop computers are available for check-out at the Main Desk.
  • A flexible round seating area, for meeting and waiting, provides a drop-in space for those on the go.
  • And also new: Dana’s website has a whole new look, where you can still find all the materials and services of the Dana Library.

What’s the same? Our helpful Main Desk staff, over 5,000 medical and health science journals online, new electronic textbooks, and the latest print materials in all medical and health subject areas.

For an overview of the Learning Commons concept, check out the new Larner College of Medicine video that describes features of the new LLC space.

Come see, ask, learn, and discover at Dana Medical Library in person and on the web. Questions? Contact Marianne Burke, Director, Dana Medical Library

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