Dana Medical Library Develops a Mobile-Friendly Evidence-Based Medicine Website

EBMTree ImageThe device- and platform-agnostic website directs Larner College of Medicine students to appropriate evidence-based resources to answer clinical questions prompted by problem-based learning cases and clinical clerkship experiences. Users answer a series of prompts about their clinical question and receive a set of links to relevant EBM resources. The website facilitates access to many databases that are available only through subscriptions.

The website, known as EBM Tree, was developed in consultation with UVM Larner College of Medicine faculty and students. Librarians collaborated with faculty to create the mobile-friendly website to use in a problem-based learning course for pre-clinical medical students. Librarians then conducted usability testing with 3rd and 4th year medical students and used feedback to create the “release” version in December 2016.

Preliminary results from students using the site suggest that they found it useful when searching for appropriate library resources. An additional benefit of the project is that it fostered deeper conversations about evidence-based medicine in the medical curriculum and library support of evidence-based medicine instruction. Students like its simplicity and centralization of source. They indicated that they would recommend the website to their colleagues.

Professor Pat King in the Department of Internal Medicine wrote in the Quality Assurance Report on the Convergence course that “The LCOM Library web based resource tool is excellent, was a success, and should be introduced earlier in the curriculum for future classes”.

The development team plans to revise EBM Tree this fall, based on usage, student comments, and faculty suggestions. Feedback is always welcome. Contact Donna O’Malley at 656-4415 with questions or comments.

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