Getting Articles and Materials: Near or Far, We Can Help You Find It

DDILL image

Stop looking for the full text of that elusive article! The Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan Department is here to help patrons get the information they need, accurately and quickly. Whether it’s a resource that UVM owns, or something held at another library, we can assist you in verifying the citation, locating the resource, and using the most direct method to access that item. Journal articles are the most common request from patrons, but we can access many other materials such as books, videos, dissertations, guidelines and more.

The fastest ways to reach us are through our online form on Dana’s website, emailing directly to, or calling at 656-4382. The most important information we need is how to contact you, and then details about your requested item. If you are having difficulty finding enough of those details, contact us to help identify and locate the item you need.

Anyone affiliated with UVM or UVM Medical center can request delivery of items from our collection or from other libraries. And, as of fall 2017, all deliveries of materials are free to students, faculty and staff at UVM and UVM Medical Center. In certain cases, rush or copyright fees may apply, but we will discuss this with you before any fee is incurred.

What our patrons say about this service:

“The DD/ILL does an excellent job sleuthing hard-to-find documents, with a short turnaround time. My expectations are high … DD/ILL meets my research needs”
– John McPartland, Family Medicine

“I have been involved in several intensive research projects that require obtaining a large number of articles from the peer reviewed literature. Those that I can’t obtain myself through membership organizations … I request through the Dana Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Department. They offer a very rapid turn around and have yet to not fill one of my many requests – even for articles in very obscure journals! I could not do my work adequately without their help.”
– John Searles, Vermont Department of Health, Health Research Affiliate

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