New Dana Faculty

Laura Sobel

Laura Sobel

We are very happy to have Laura join the UVM Libraries Community. Her first day was April 30th and she is in the process of orienting to life at Dana. Laura comes to us, most recently, from the Boston University Alumni Medical Library. She received her MSLIS from Simmons College in May 2013.

Laura will work as a .75 FTE librarian for the next 12 months and will be the liaison to the public health programs and Department of Medicine subspecialities. She joins librarians Gary Atwood and Alice Stokes in providing consultations, computer searches, and educational sessions to medical students and VIC faculty. Along with other Dana instructional activities, she will have 3 reference shifts. Laura is also responsible for planning and developing Dana’s IT resources, including the website, and spearheading technology initiatives that may advance Dana’s mission. Welcome, Laura!

Fred Pond

Fred Pond

Library Associate Professor Frederick C. Pond will be joining Dana for 12 months, starting May 21st. His .5 FTE workload will include management and leadership of the UVM institutional repository and contributions to health research affiliate services and coordination with UVM Health Network services. Fred has served positions at Dana in the past and we look forward to welcoming Fred back.


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