Faculty Scholarship

Joint Libraries Publication in The Journal for Academic Librarianship

Assistant Professor Graham Sherriff, MA, MLS (Howe Library), Associate Professor Daisy Benson, MA, MLIS (Howe Library), and Assistant Professor Gary Atwood, MA, MSLIS (Dana Medical Library) recently had an article published in The Journal of Academic Librarianship. “Practices, Policies, and Problems of Learning Data: A Survey of Libraries’ Use of Digital Learning Objects and the Data They Create” looks at how libraries manage the education-related data generated by the digital learning objects that they use. Examples of this data include answers to quizzes and responses submitted in tutorials. The authors asked survey respondents to describe what kind of data they collect; how they manage that data; and what problems they encounter. Results showed that some libraries have a data management policy, but that most did not. The authors recommend that libraries engage in more dialog with each other about this problem as well as with college and university administrators.

Librarians Present at the Medical Library Association (MLA) Conference

Library Assistant Professor Gary Atwood, MA, MSLIS and Library Associate Professor Nancy Bianchi MSLIS gave a Lightning Round presentation at the Medical Library Association (MLA) conference in Chicago May 3-8th called “Using a Poster and Survey Model to Reach New Heights at Library Orientation”. They described how they replaced a static library display with a more interactive library orientation experience that uses a poster and survey model.

Poster Presentation at the LCOM Teaching Academy Mud Season Retreat

Scholarworks Poster

Library Assistant Professor Gary Atwood, MA, MSLIS and Library Associate Professor Fred Pond, MLS presented a poster at the Larner College of Medicine Teaching Academy’s Mud Season Education Retreat on March 29th. The poster highlighted UVM’s Institutional Repository ScholarWorks @ UVM. Scholarworks @ UVM collects, preserves, and shares the scholarly and creative works of UVM faculty, staff, students, and their collaborators. To learn more about Scholarworks @ UVM, contact Fred Pond.

Former Dana Medical Library Director Marianne Burke Publishes Article in the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA)

Library Associate Professor, emerita, and former Dana Medical Library Director, Marianne Burke PhD, and Benjamin Littenberg, M.D. published an article in the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA), April issue. In the article, “Effect of a Clinical Evidence Technology on Skin Disease Outcomes in Primary Care”, the authors conducted a cluster-randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of clinician’s use of a popular clinical information source (VisualDx) on patients’ symptoms and return appointments, compared to usual care. The trial included 31 clinicians and 433 patients at the University of Vermont Medical Center. There was no difference between groups in the outcomes measured. These results may help hospitals and medical libraries evaluate resources to license in support of evidence-based practice.

Citation: Burke M, Littenberg B. Effect of a clinical evidence technology on patient skin disease outcomes in primary care: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. 2019 Apr; 107(2):151-62. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/ 10.5195/jmla.2019.581

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