Graphic Medicine Events and Exhibits at Dana

This spring, Dana Medical Library hosted a series of events and exhibits that explored the writing genre called “Graphic Medicine”. Graphic Medicine, coined by Dr. Ian Williams, is “the intersection of the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare”. Williams believes that graphic medicine can assist medical professionals by effectively relating patient or caregiver experience and playing a role in the discussion of difficult subject matters. It can be a means of healing from trauma.

Exhibit: Graphic Medicine as Medical Narrative

Graphic Medicine Homepage

Currently on display in Dana’s exhibit cases, Graphic Medicine as Medical Narrative explores why this is an important medium of expression for authors and medical professionals alike. It looks at why graphic medicine is so effective with the use of comics and the combination of image and text to convey perspective. The exhibit also points out some great graphic medicine books to pick up, including a few written by acclaimed Vermont authors.

NLM Exhibition: Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived & Well-Drawn!


Courtesy of the History of Medicine Division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), Dana also hosted the traveling exhibition Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived & Well-Drawn! from March 4th to April 13th. Made up of 6 free-standing panels, “Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived & Well-Drawn! explores an increasingly popular, yet little-known literary field that presents personal stories of illness and health through the medium of comics. Showcasing items from the National Library of Medicine’s growing collection of graphic memoirs, the stories depict people’s experiences with an array of health issues, from breast cancer and deafness to mental illness and HIV/AIDS.” (This exhibition was produced by the US National Library of Medicine.)

Talk: Reclaiming Patient Narrative in Graphic Medicine

Graphic Medicine Author Rachel Lindsay

On April 4th, Dana presented A Conversation with Graphic Medicine Author Rachel Lindsay: Reclaiming Patient Narrative in Graphic Medicine. “Rachel Lindsay [discussed] the creation of her book Rx: A Graphic Memoir, which chronicles her experience advertising psychopharmaceuticals as a bipolar person, and subsequent involuntary hospitalization for mania. A powerful new voice in the mental health realm of the Graphic Medicine community, Lindsay has spoken about her work at Harvard Medical School, Columbia University, Mount Sinai Hospital, and the California Institute of Integral Studies, among others. Based in Burlington, she is also the cartoonist of Rachel Lives Here Now, which runs weekly in Seven Days.” (Lindsay)

For more information about Dana’s Graphic Medicine events and exhibits, contact Kate Bright or Alice Stokes.

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