Dana Print Collection will be Moved During Library Re-model. Streamlined Current Collection to Return.

DTK_5448New and returning students and faculty, welcome to Dana Medical Library.

While all of the staff, resources, and services you have come to expect will still be here, there will be some changes this semester and the coming year. All websites, electronic journals and databases are available through the UVM network, Dana website and COMET as usual.

Beginning at the end of August, print collections will be moved to new locations outside of the library in preparation for Learning Commons renovations. The compact shelving at the north rear of the library will be removed. Expect special staff moving in and around the library as well as some noise.

After that, a contained area for study will be quickly built to reduce any construction noise. The purpose of the construction is to improve health sciences and medical education by adding a recording studio, upgraded inter-professional classroom, and faculty development space. The new construction will also provide a larger quiet study area and 24×7 study space.

This may sound dramatic but don’t worry, we are doing everything we can to reduce problems.

  • The contained quiet study area will be built as the first part of the project.
  • All books will be retrieved for you on request.
  • Many books that you might need for classes in Medicine, and Nursing and Health Sciences are available on Reserve at the Main Desk. USMLE and other Board study books will be kept in the library. Why not check out the books you want now.
  • The most used and recent portions of our print collection will come back to the library soon, within a few weeks we hope. In the meantime, the loan period for books will be increased from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

If you have any concerns, please ask a staff member at the Main desk to help or contact Marianne Burke, Director, Dana Medical Library at 656-0695.

Elinor Avery of Dana Interlibrary Loan Retires


Elinor Avery, DD/ILL

Elinor Avery, of the Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Department (DD/ILL), retired on June 30, 2016 after 14 years of service for the University of Vermont. Elinor started in DD/ILL in September of 2002, back when Document Delivery had a brisk photocopying business. Elinor’s work focused for many years on Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan lending. She filled requests for photocopies and scans from Dana Library’s collections for Dana patrons as well as for libraries all over the world. Later, Elinor’s position changed to incorporate all aspects of DD/ILL, including filling requests from UVM and Fletcher Allen patrons for materials to be borrowed from other libraries or institutions. Elinor was known for her excellent patron service and superb sleuthing skills, verifying citations and locating hard-to find items, often filling requests in less than 24 hours. Her friendly face greeted patrons at the DD/ILL door.

Faculty Praise for ILL

Many health sciences patrons appreciated her work and high level of customer service. In a survey of Dana ILL users, 87% indicated that being able to borrow materials for patient care, research or academic work was “essential,” with 13% rating it “very important.” Many respondents commented positively on Interlibrary Loan. “Being able to… request articles from the [Interlibrary Loan] service is absolutely critical to the teaching mission,” said one respondent. Another noted, “This [Interlibrary Loan] service is so efficient and reliable, I really depend on it to keep me up to date on related research, etc.” Speed of delivery was also rated as important and commented on by survey respondents. One respondent said, “I have been amazed that many of my ILL requests are filled the same day.”

Active in Campus Service

Ms. Avery was also a valued colleague who often gave time to University Libraries-wide service opportunities. She served on UVM Libraries Staff and Faculty Development Committee and many other working groups focused on improving the patron experience at Dana Medical Library and Bailey/Howe Library. Her positivity, collegiality, and strong commitment to excellence will be missed by all of her coworkers in the Libraries. But her friendship and work ethic will especially be missed by those in Dana Medical Library; we wish her the best of luck on all her future adventures in retirement.

Staff News

Dana Librarian Publishes Article on Zika Virus

Fran new

Frances Delwiche, MLS

Dana Library Associate Professor, Fran Delwiche MLIS, publishes an article on the rise and challenges of the Zika virus in the journal of Science & Technology Libraries.

Frances A. Delwiche (2016): Reviews of Science for Science Librarians: The Challenge of the Zika Virus: An Emerging Arbovirus Disease. Science & Technology Libraries. DOI:10.1080/0194262X.2016.1192007


Dana Librarian appointed to editorial board of MedEdPORTAL


Gary Atwood, MSLIS

Dana Library Associate Professor, Gary Atwood, MA, MSLIS, has been appointed to the editorial board of MedEdPORTAL for a two-year term. MedEdPORTAL is an online publication service provided at no charge by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The intent is to promote collaboration and educational scholarship by helping educators publish and share educational resources. As a member of the board, Gary will assist in providing guidance on the MedEdPORTAL peer review process and editorial policies as well as the strategic priorities and positioning of the program.

Director’s Viewpoint

What’s in a Name?

Marianne Burke, Dana Medical Library

Marianne Burke, Dana Medical Library

What do the words Circulation or Reference mean to you? A few years ago we took down the large letter signs over the service desks at the front of the Library that said “Circulation” and “Reference”. The terms seemed obscure, especially in a medical library (Circulation, defined as the continuous movement of blood through the heart and blood vessels.)  “Circulation” was where library users checked out and returned books or journal volumes.  “Reference” was the desk with the knowledgeable medical librarian who readily found answers to questions as they arose.

Since research journals, textbooks, and multi-format media are now available on mobile devices and desktops, thousands of downloads of UVM Libraries licensed content are completed each year without a visit to the brick and mortar library. Along with electronic delivery of services (article delivery requests for example), many queries are now answered remotely .

Yet, students, faculty, and clinicians do visit the library every month. They come to the library to study, seek services, find a book, and consult with a librarian (See “Dana Survey asks…” article). In fact, 13,409 items were checked out in FY2015.  As we evaluated services and library use, we learned that most questions, including topic-based collection queries, were answered effectively by the professional staff at the front service desk. Librarians, as liaisons to medical & health science campus departments and education programs, are frequently out of the library.

In January, the front desk (formerly known as Circulation) was officially renamed the Main Desk.  The Reference Desk was taken down, replaced with on-demand librarians for complex queries and research consultation by appointment.  (See Main Desk article.)

Medical libraries are changing, and our names are changing too.  Does the term “reference librarian” still apply without a reference desk? Many academic health science libraries don’t think so.  Depending on their position, librarians are called knowledge managers, research informaticians, information literacy specialists, and informationists.

What do you think? What’s in a name?  Do you prefer the traditional nomenclature and services of the library or can you envision with us an exciting, unfolding future?

Marianne Burke MA AHIP, Library Associate Professor

Director, Dana Medical Library

Library Main Desk helps more than ever


Main Desk staff assisting patron

After carefully researching the library literature and conducting wide-ranging discussions among Library faculty and staff, Dana closed and removed its Reference Desk in January. Although the word “Reference” may not be used any longer, an on-demand librarian assistance service is still available through the Main Desk. In addition, the Main Desk now answers a variety of questions. Switching to a single service location maximizes library space and better serves patron needs while becoming the central point for help, information, and services at the Library. Stop at the Main Desk to find an e-journal or get started on a PubMed or CatQuest search on your topic!

Research Support

In 2015, the Main Desk staff encountered 1,840 reference questions and, in the first quarter of 2016 (January to March), the new single service Main Desk received 662 reference queries. Main Desk staff are now, more than ever, prepared to answer research questions. However, for more in-depth queries, staff can refer you to the on-demand librarian.

Assistance from librarians is available on a walk-in basis 10 am to 4 pm each weekday. Or make an appointment on the Library’s webpage. Get focused attention for individual or group research.

Student Curriculum and Technical Support

The Main Desk is also the place to go for curriculum support. Access and place materials on reserve, request articles through electronic article delivery and interlibrary loan, gain support for research, get help with database navigation and reserve group study spaces.  Also, check out books, media and print journals and borrow supplies like ethernet & power cables, standup desks, white boards & markers, and headphones.

Get help with technology for printing, scanning, copying, public computers, wireless access, and referral to external IT support. In addition, the library has a lost and found and can provide emergency cleanup supplies.

Staffed by Lesley Boucher (supervisor), John Printon, Brenda Nelson, Colin McClung and Craig Chalone, with the help of student assistants, the Main Desk is available to help you with all your library needs. Contact them at 656-2200 to get started.

Whiteboard Survey: Students Weigh-in on Study Space

Furniture survey image (2)In February, Library staff conducted a whiteboard survey in the space where the Reference Desk once resided. With the removal of the Desk, this empty space was re-claimed as study space, and now it needed furniture! Who better to ask about usable and comfortable furniture than our very own patrons? Library patrons were asked to share their thoughts on the whiteboard to the following two questions:

  1. What kind of furniture would you like in this area? The choices were: Carrels, Lounge Chairs, Lounge Chairs with Laptop Desks, Round Tables, Rectangular Tables
  2. Comments or other suggestions?

The most popular response came from the Comments question. Twenty-one respondents indicated that they would prefer standing desks. The next most popular response was rectangular tables (19), followed by lounge chairs (9) and lounge chairs with desks (8). Only five people wanted to see carrels in this area. No one was a fan of round tables.

Other popular survey suggestions included a fish tank, massage chairs, and kittens and puppies. Another idea was to move all the chairs against the wall from the former Reference area, and fill in the center with tables.

As a result of the survey, we have rearranged the existing furniture as suggested and added another rectangular table. We are in the process of scheduling more visits from Tucker the therapy dog. And we are investigating using our mobile monitor to display a fish tank video when it is not in use elsewhere. Survey feedback will also inform future decisions about purchasing furniture for the Dana Library. As a reminder, the Main Desk has nine portable stand-up desks that can be checked out.

More questions or comments? Contact Lesley Boucher at 656-4404.

A Successful Dana Medical Library Anniversary Event!

10th Anniversary Reception 2015 001 On July 30th, Dana Medical Library celebrated its 10th Anniversary in the Larner Medical Education Center. The reception was a big success! A steady stream of people, both familiar and new, joined us in looking back at the history of the library, looking forward by predicting what is to come, and eating copious amounts of cake!

10th Anniversary Reception 2015 026Acting Director Donna O’Malley briefly spoke on the changes that have occurred at the library in the last 10 years, some invisible, such as the increasing number of journals and books available online, and some visible, like the decreasing number of print subscriptions. She also spoke of the most visible change: re-purposing library space to make room for the team-based learning Larner Classroom. She thanked Dana employees in regards to these changes and asked the question, “What will happen in the next 10 years?” and inviting guests to make their best guess by writing down on a post-it what they would like to see at Dana in the future.

10th Anniversary Reception 2015 024

Attendees speculated on the future of the library.

The library received many responses to this question. The reception gave Dana faculty and staff the opportunity to share the library’s rich history, and to receive feedback from the UVM and Medical Sciences Community. A sample of responses were: free printing, free coffee, more windows, 24/7 study space, and a fish tank. We take all of these suggestions seriously!

Thank you to all who were able to join us! The true reason for these events is to connect and reconnect with those people we might not see every day. It is a vital part of creating a successful learning and research environment.

For more information on this event, contact Kate Bright at (802) 656-0695.

Staff News

Craig Chalone


Craig Chalone

Joining Access Services in February, Craig Chalone comes to the library from the University of Maine at Machias, Merrill Library, where he also worked as Adjunct Faculty in Music at the college. Before his time in Maine, Craig worked at the Bailey-Howe Library here at the University of Vermont for 6 years. Outside of work, Craig enjoys reading, walking, baseball, playing guitar and mandolin, and collecting music. He also has a love for nature and animals.


Kristin Florian

Kristin Florian

Joining Collections Management, Kristin Florian began work in March and has been busily learning the ropes of medical collection development, e-resources trouble-shooting, and a host of other activities. She comes to us most recently from the Lexington County Public Library System in Lexington, South Carolina where she coordinated non-fiction collection development, among other tasks. This past winter was her first winter in Vermont and she tried both downhill and cross-country skiing for the first time.

Kate Bright


Kate Bright

Kate Bright is Dana’s newest member, joining Dana’s Admin Department in May. Kate is originally from Upstate New York and, as a child, spent summers on Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks. She graduated from Bard College in 2001 and moved to Madison WI to complete a graduate art degree in painting in 2007. After spending 6 years in Wisconsin and having her 2 children at home, she and her family moved to VT to be closer to family. She more recently worked at the Shelburne Museum in their education department facilitating programs, one of which was a tour program for individuals who are blind or partially sighted. Continuing to paint, she still spends a lot of time in the Adirondacks but has acquired a deep love for Vermont and is happy to call it home.

Marianne Burke

From July to December 2015, Dana Medical Library Director Marianne Burke, MLS AHIP, will be on sabbatical pursuing a doctoral degree at the UVM Center for Clinical and Translational Science, and conducting research at the hospital.

For more information on Staff News, contact Kate Bright at (802) 656-0695.

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