Expert Searching Works for Clinicians and Researchers Alike

Whether you’re pursuing evidence-based clinical practice or creating new knowledge through research, a literature review is an essential step in the process. The literature review can provide you with:

  • vital background information,
  • a rationale for research,
  • highlights of work that has already been undertaken in the field,
  • a review of previously-used methods, or
  • insight into unexplored research areas.

A thorough literature review prevents duplication of efforts, stimulates creative ideas for how to proceed, and confirms or validates the results of your research. In the end, high quality literature searching leads to success in the research process, promotes efficient use of funding, and ensures the safety of patients.

Unfortunately many clinicians and/or researchers and their assistants who perform literature searches do not have the time to search the literature effectively and efficiently. Keeping up with the constantly shifting information landscape can seem nearly impossible. However, the use of comprehensive evidence- or knowledge-based information retrieved through the expert searching process is crucial to ensuring clinical, administrative, educational, and research success.

The Library Faculty Liaisons at the Dana Medical Library are proud to offer an expert literature searching service for your convenience. So, the next time you’re contemplating a grant, investigating a complex patient care issue, or preparing to undertake a research project, start by contacting your liaison librarian or a DML reference librarian for a literature search that will get the job done.

To find the Library Liaison for your department go to, or contact the Dana Medical Library reference desk at 802-656-2201 or

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