Faculty Member Acknowledges Dana with Book Donation

Dr. Gale Golden (far right) with Interlibrary Loan Associate, Marie McGarry (middle) and Library Director, Marianne Burke (far left)
Gale Golden (far right) presenting her book to Dana Library

Gale Golden LICSW BCD, and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry in UVM’s College of Medicine, recognized Dana Medical Library with a donation of her latest publication, In the Grip of Desire: A Therapist at Work with Sexual Secrets.

Professor Golden used the Dana Medical Library’s space and services to complete this book and kindly donated a copy to the collection in June. She writes in the Acknowledgement Section:

Finally, Dana Medical Library is the best place in which to write a book. Medical students are very focused and serious about their work. I love their quiet congeniality, smiles, and small interactions, which made me happy and helped me focus. The library staff was unfailingly helpful throughout this project. Marie McGarry supervised the interlibrary loans, and the rest of the staff also helped out in numerous ways. Not the least of many kindnesses was indulging a personal call or two from Gabe, which is usually forbidden! How many ways can I say thank you?

The staff of the Dana Medical Library are in turn grateful for her acknowledgement and donation– congratulations, Ms. Golden!

For more information about Ms. Golden’s latest accomplishment, see “Golden Book Details Sexual Obsession Therapy” on the UVM Communications site.

New Book Highlights: Respiratory Resources

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This month many titles dealing with the respiratory system are featured. To subscribe to a feed on this topic, visit the Respiratory System feed page.

Quick Facts Lung Cancer
By American Cancer Society
WF 658 Q6 2007

Egan’s Fundamentals of Respiratory Care
By Robert L. Wilkins, James K. Stoller, Robert M. Kacmarek
WB 342 E28f 2009

Principles and Practice of Mechanical Ventilation
By Martin J. Tobin
WF 145 P957 2006

Respiratory Physiology
By John B. West
WF 102 W518r 2008

Frozen Section Library: Lung
By Timothy Craig Allen, Philip T. Cagle
WF 600 A431f 2009

Introduction to Bronchoscopy
By Armin Ernst
WF 500 I618 2009

New Book Highlights

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Descriptive psychopathology : the signs and symptoms of behavioral disorders by Taylor, Michael Alan, 1940- (Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009) WM 141 T244d 2009

“Provides a broad review of the psychopathology of psychiatric illness, beyond the limitations of the DSM and ICD criteria.” Publisher description

Deep brain stimulation : a new treatment shows promise in the most difficult cases by Talan, Jamie. (New York : Dana Press, 2009) WB 495 T137d 2009

“There are disorders that defy treatment with prescribed pharmaceuticals: a man’s hands shake so hard that he cannot hold anything; a woman is mired in severe, inescapable depression; or a child falls into severe epileptic seizures. For these patients and others, an alternative is emerging for when pharmaceuticals fail: deep brain stimulation. More than 30,000 people worldwide undergo this treatment each year, and with this volume, Jamie Talan and Richard Firstman explain this cutting-edge medical development that may hold the key to unlocking some of medicine’s most bewildering mysteries. Deep brain stimulation primarily consists of implanting electrodes in the brain that are connected to a device similar to a pacemaker. Talan and Firstman describe the ways in which deep brain stimulation has produced promising results in the treatment of numerous diseases, such as Parkinson’s Disease, depression, and Tourette’s syndrome. The book also features compelling profiles of patients who have been helped through the treatment, including a trauma patient, once barely conscious, who can now talk, walk, and eat on his own; and a young man whose obsessive-compulsive disorder had left him housebound, but who is now married and holding a steady job. In addition, the authors introduce us to the doctors and scientists who pursue pioneering research and outline the possibilities that their most recent work holds for treating Alzheimer’s Disease and for stroke rehabilitation—as well as the ethical issues that have arisen in the course of their work. A fascinating and timely investigation,Deep Brain Stimulation reveals the exciting possibilities for restoring a richer life to the sufferers of diseases long thought to be incurable.” Publisher description

cogcancerCognition and cancer (Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008) QZ 266 C676 2008

“This book is a unique resource on the influence cancer and cancer treatments have on cognition. The majority of cancer patients on active treatment experience cognitive impairments often referred to as ‘chemobrain’ or ‘chemofog’. In addition, patients with primary or metastatic tumors of the brain often experience direct neurologic symptoms.

This book helps health care professionals working with cancer patients who experience cognitive changes and provides practical information to help improve care by reviewing and describing brain-behavior relationships; research-based evidence on cognitive changes that occur with various cancers and cancer treatments; assessment techniques, including neurocognitive assessment and neuroimaging techniques; and intervention strategies for affected patients. In short, it will explain how to identify, assess and treat these conditions.” Publisher description