Information Overload? Make a Resource Guide YOUR Portal to the Library

infooverloadA wide variety of people use the Dana Library website: clinicians, researchers, educators, graduate students, medical students, and undergraduates. That means that there is a LOT of information wrapped up in one Web site. Do you want JUST the links that you need? We have a solution.

Librarians have created specialized individual web pages (called Research Guides) that can be used as portals to just the information you need. Only want clinical information? Try the Clinical Care research guide ( Only need Pediatrics resources? Check out the Pediatrics guide (

All of these guides have unique, easy to remember URLs that can be bookmarked or made into an icon for a desktop. Use one of these guides instead of the Dana Library home page. That way, you don’t have to continue to sift through the many pages on Dana’s site looking for what you want. For example, nurses at FAHC have put the FAHC Nursing Resources guide ( on the nursing hub on FAHC’s intranet while residents at Milton Family Practice have put an icon on resident computer desktops linking directly to the Family Medicine guide (

Go to to browse research guides already created by Dana librarians. If you can’t find what you are looking for, consider contacting the librarian assigned to your department, program or subject area (see to request a research guide tailored to the needs of your department or program.

In fact, the best way to have useful resource guides is to give input; contact librarians directly with your ideas or leave comments on the guides themselves. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions and hope you will help us make these tools as useful as possible!