New Computers and Printing System

The library has new computers for the public to use. Thank you to the College of Medicine IS group (Pat Niggel) for creating the baseline and installing them! These computers are running Windows 7 and have Office 10 installed. They also have 2 new icons on the desktop. “FAHC Remote Access” allows FAHC employees to log in to the Remote Access Gateway using their m#,  just as they would if they were working off-site. The second icon “COM Terminal Server” allows College of Medicine employees to log on using their COM credentials to access their H: and L: drives.

Along with the new computers we also have new print stations. The print stations have moved to the back of the library, in the space where the copier is located. In addition to printing and photocopying, patrons can also scan documents and email the resulting PDF to an email account FOR FREE.

Lesley Boucher

Survey: Patrons Use Library Computers, Like Quiet

Dana Medical Library staff distributed surveys to everyone entering the Library on April 20 -24 for one hour at different times on each day. 292 people responded to the survey.

The purpose of the survey was to determine “Who is using the Dana Library?” and “For what purpose?” The survey asked visitors to state why they were using the Library and allowed them to select more than one activity. 204 of the 292 surveyed said they were using a Library computer, 188 were using a laptop/tablet and 126 did some other activity which included studying and checking out materials.

Of the 292 respondents there were 40 College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) students, 110 other undergraduate students, 55 graduate students, 46 medical students, 19 UVM staff or faculty, 13 FAHC employees, and 9 other. Almost half of the undergraduate students who were not in the CNHS indicated that their area of study was one that might require biomedical sciences library materials or services, for example Biology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Psychology and Microbiology. Other fields of study mentioned were Business, Political Science, and Engineering. Two unsolicited comments on the returned forms indicated that the students had selected Dana Library because it was quiet and provided a good atmosphere for serious study.

Dana Library will use the survey to plan programs and services at the Library.