Dana Gets New Interlibrary Loan Platform from National Library of Medicine

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As part of its current Strategic Plan, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) has retired their previous DOCLINE interlibrary loan request/routing platform and launched a completely rewritten DOCLINE 6.1. Their transition team adopted an “agile development” model which releases “basic functionality” and then continues developing and improving in response to user feedback. Timely communication from the participating libraries is essential to guide the process.

The project schedule was ambitious: libraries were informed of the project in June 2018, and instructed in how to create the new, more secure, log-in accounts. The NLM team then began building the basic new DOCLINE structure. By October 2018 the existing system data was imported into new DOCLINE. November 2018 brought interface preview and log-in testing for all libraries, and beta-testing for a selected few (not Dana!). In February 28, 2019 borrowing ceased in the old DOCLINE, with limited access to complete in-process lending. In March 4, 2019 DOCLINE 6.1 was released with full functioning.

The results were surprisingly good: by March 14, over 32,000 requests had been processed in the new DOCLINE. It is still a work in progress by definition, and many libraries are working out individual issues, but overall the project has been a success!

At Dana we’re learning to master the new user interface and advocating with the developers for some time-saving features. We are keeping up with our usual processing turn-around times, but please be aware that other libraries may take longer to send materials to us.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please contact Laura Haines.

Marie McGarry in Dana Interlibrary Loan Retires

Marie McGarry, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Specialist, retires on February 28, 2014 after 29 years of service for the University of Vermont. Marie came to the Dana Medical Library in January of 1985. Initially working in cataloging, Marie then moved to ILL Borrowing, where she filled requests from UVM and Fletcher Allen patrons for materials to be borrowed from other libraries or institutions. Marie has borrowed books and other materials from as far away as Hong Kong and Australia, and is known for filling requests at lightning speed. ILL regularly receives requested journal articles as quickly as 4 hours after the request has been placed. Marie has been particularly good at meeting patron needs for high quality materials delivered quickly, and she does so while saving the Library money but never sacrificing quality patron service.

Many health sciences area patrons appreciate her work. In a recent survey of Dana ILL users, 87% indicated that being able to borrow materials for patient care, research or academic work was “essential”, with 13% rating it “very important.” Many respondents commented positively on Interlibrary Loan. “Being able to… request articles from the [Interlibrary Loan] service is absolutely critical to the teaching mission,” said one respondent. Another noted, “This [Interlibrary Loan] service is so efficient and reliable, I really depend on it to keep me up to date on related research, etc.” Speed of delivery was also rated as important and commented on by survey respondents. One respondent said, “I have been amazed that many of my ILL requests are filled the same day.”

Judging by patron feedback, Interlibrary Loan is an important service for all kinds of work: from student assignments to clinical practice. Dana Library is committed to continuing this high level of service, but there can be no denying that Marie has been a key member of the Interlibrary Loan team. She will be missed by colleagues and patrons alike. Dana Library faculty and staff wish her the very best in her new adventure of retirement!

Faculty Member Acknowledges Dana with Book Donation

Dr. Gale Golden (far right) with Interlibrary Loan Associate, Marie McGarry (middle) and Library Director, Marianne Burke (far left)
Gale Golden (far right) presenting her book to Dana Library

Gale Golden LICSW BCD, and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry in UVM’s College of Medicine, recognized Dana Medical Library with a donation of her latest publication, In the Grip of Desire: A Therapist at Work with Sexual Secrets.

Professor Golden used the Dana Medical Library’s space and services to complete this book and kindly donated a copy to the collection in June. She writes in the Acknowledgement Section:

Finally, Dana Medical Library is the best place in which to write a book. Medical students are very focused and serious about their work. I love their quiet congeniality, smiles, and small interactions, which made me happy and helped me focus. The library staff was unfailingly helpful throughout this project. Marie McGarry supervised the interlibrary loans, and the rest of the staff also helped out in numerous ways. Not the least of many kindnesses was indulging a personal call or two from Gabe, which is usually forbidden! How many ways can I say thank you?

The staff of the Dana Medical Library are in turn grateful for her acknowledgement and donation– congratulations, Ms. Golden!

For more information about Ms. Golden’s latest accomplishment, see “Golden Book Details Sexual Obsession Therapy” on the UVM Communications site.